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New Damage Rules

Chassis Damage
As vehicles take damage from weapons and collisions in Car Wars, the armour value of relevant sections drops - but this is the only effect on the vehicle until the armour is gone altogether (or is penetrated) and damage to internal components starts to happen. In my opinion, whilst armour would absorb much of incidental damage, severe collisions and hits from heavy/explosive weapons could well have a serious effect on the overall integrity of the vehicle, causing structural damage and affecting its handling long before all armour is gone. To represent this I have introduced a new set of damage criteria.

Frankie's Car
This is a new set of rules and damage points (DP's) which take into account driving mechanisms, power transmission, framework, etc. These are called the Chassis DP's and are noted separately on the vehicle record sheet. As Chassis DP's are lost so the vehicle becomes more difficult to control, and this helps reflect the gradual loss of handling of a vehicle as it sustains combat and collision damage and becomes more beat up. These DP's are independent of the vehicles Armour.

A vehicle's Chassis DP's are determined as being equal to the total number of spaces allowed by the vehicle body type (bikes with sidecars count the total spaces). Modifying the chassis strength alters the Chassis DP's by the same proportion as the weight modifier. Bikes may have a modified chassis for this and whilst this will not affect the maximum load, it will affect the cost and Chassis DPs. This is also true for both carriers and trailers.

Loss of Chassis DPs
1. When all bottom armour has been lost or penetrated, Chassis DP's will be lost. However, the maximum amount that can be lost in one go is equal to a quarter of the normal total Chassis DPs for the Vehicle.
2. When a vehicle sustains damage due to a collision to the front, rear, sides or bottom. 1 Chassis DP is lost for every 10 points of collision damage.
3. When a vehicle sustains damage to the front, rear, sides or bottom to a weapon that does burst effect damage (ie explosive). 1 Chassis DP is lost for every 10 points of such damage sustained.

Effect of Chassis DP Loss
1. When a vehicle's Chassis DP's drop to less than half the normal, the HC of the vehicle drops permanently by 1.
2. When a vehicle's Chassis DP's drop to less than quarter the normal, the HC of the vehicle drops permanently by 3.
3. When a vehicle's Chassis DP's reach zero the vehicle may no longer be controlled properly. Roll 1D6-2 on Crash Table 2 (Fishtails) at the start of every phase in which the vehicle moves. A result of less than 1 means the vehicle can be controlled normally this phase. Every result of a Fishtail adds the equivalent of a D1 maneuver to the vehicle's Handling Track Status.

Power Plant Damage
Rather than as the published rules, where power plant damage and subsequent power loss is all or nothing, these rules reflect gradual power loss as a vehicles Power Plant becomes damaged. As a vehicle has sustained sufficient damage to its power plant then it will begin to lose power.

1. A vehicle that has less than half the DP's of its Power Plant remaining has it's maximum speed reduced to half normal. If it is going faster than this speed, the vehicle will decelerate by 10/turn until this new maximum speed is reached. The vehicle can still 'Go Faster' as normal.
2. A vehicle that has less than quarter the DP's of its Power Plant remaining has it's acceleration reduced to half normal. For vehicles with an initial acceleration of 5, acceleration drops to 2.5 as for large vehicles. Vehicles with an initial acceleration of 2.5 ignore this as their acceleration cannot drop further, but they may not accelerate any faster than this at any time.

Driver Injury
The rules as they stand don't take into consideration the effects of wounds on a drivers ability to control, the vehicle, so here are some additional rules for Driver injuries.

1. Personal Body Armour will not always protect from collision damage that gets through to vehicle occupants. Roll 1D6 for each point that would be so sustained, on a result of 1-3 the armour does not protect. This is reduced to 1-2 for Improved Body Armour.
2. When a Driver is wounded (suffered one or more points of Driver, not Body Armour, DP loss) HC automatically drops by 1 permanently.
3. Any uncontrolled vehicle (Driver dead or unconscious)that has to make a Control Test will automatically fail this roll, just keep rolling until the roll is under the pass number required to generate the fail.

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