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Advanced Maneuvers

Skidding and Movement

Skidding and Surface

These proposals take into consideration the extra distance that vehicles will travel on different surfaces when they get a Crash result of 'Skid'.
The direction of the skid is always the one in which the vehicle was traveling before the skid occurred.

1. When a vehicle is skidding as a Crash Table result it will travel an extra " on the skid for every 20 MPH it is traveling in excess of 40 MPH. A vehicle's tires will also take 1 extra point of damage for every full inch traveled beyond the first in such a manner.
2. When a vehicle is skidding through gravel or loose debris it will travel half as far again as the usual skid distance with a minimum of an extra ".
3. When a vehicle is skidding through oil or snow it will travel twice the usual distance of the skid.
4. When a vehicle is skidding across ice it will travel 3 times as far as the usual skid distance per phase.
5. All these extra skid distances are reduced by one category if tire chains are equipped on the vehicle.
6. A vehicle still only travels at a maximum move rate of 1"/phase though, so all extra movement due to skidding is carried over to subsequent phases until it has been completed.

Intentional Skidding
1. A vehicle may attempt to Skid as an intentional maneuver. The player states the type of normal maneuver the vehicle is attempting and then states that it will also be a skid. eg. A Hard Swerve Skid.
2. Only a Bend, Tight Bend, Swerve or Hard Swerve may be Skidded.
3. Intentional skidding adds D2 to the normal maneuver difficulty and automatically decelerates the vehicle by 10 MPH; more if the player wishes with the usual modifiers.
4. If control of the vehicle is maintained then it is oriented as though it had completed the normal maneuver but on the spot where the vehicle originally was without actually moving first. The player then rolls 1D6 and consults Crash Table 1 (or Modified Crash Table 1) to see what sort of skid was actually made, as this is difficult to control. The player then moves the vehicle as for a normal crash type skid. A Player may modify this 'Crash' roll by a number equal to any Drive Skill of the vehicles Driver.
5. A vehicle still only travels at a maximum move rate of 1"/phase though, so all extra movement due to intentional skidding is carried over to subsequent phases until it has been completed, as for crash result skidding.


These rules are aimed at encompassing those situations when a vehicle's controller wants to try and drive the vehicle along on less than the normal number of wheels the vehicle was designed to use. This includes both riding a motor bike along on the rear wheel only (wheely) and tilting a larger vehicle to drive it along on the wheels on one side only (2-Wheeler).

1. Bikes (with or without Side-Cars) and Trikes may pull a Wheely (lifting the front wheel off the ground and traveling along on the rear wheel only). This is a D2 maneuver to initiate.
2. Whilst the vehicle is traveling in this manner the player must make a Handling Control roll every phase.
3. It is a further D1 maneuver to finish and put the vehicle back on all its wheels, but once finished 2 HC is automatically regained.
4. Whilst a Bike or Trike is wheelying, all shots at the front of the vechile hit either the tires or bottom armour first (1D6: 1-2, front tire; 3-5 armour; 6, rear tire). Note that Bikes and Trikes should now have Armour assigned to a 'Bottom' location.
5. If a bike without a side-car rides over a car bonnet height/sized or lower obstacle whilst pulling a wheely, then the bike may attempt to ride up on to and across/over the obstacle. This is a D3 maneuver and is a further D1 maneuver every phase if the surface the bike is then riding on is uneven or moving. Coming down off such an obstacle counts as a jump but only a quarter of the usual distance will be covered. Mounting obstacles half this height is only a D2 maneuver. Higher obstacles cannot be mounted.

It's a good idea to determine what constitutes a suitable ramp to pull of this maneuver before starting the game.

1. If given a suitable ramp then cars up to 'Luxury' size may attempt to drive along on 2 side wheels only. This is a D5 hazard to successfully pull off and initiate.
2. Driving a vehicle in this manner requires a Handling Control Roll every phase the vehicle travels in this manner.
3. It is further D1 maneuver to put the vehicle back on 4 wheels but once this is safely accomplished, 5 HC are automatically regained immediately.
4. Whilst traveling in this manner, shots at the side of the car that is raised will hit the Bottom armour or tires (1D6: 1-5, Armour; 6, random tire).
5. This maneuver may be attempted with a larger vehicle but then becomes a D7 maneuver to initiate, D9 for over sized vehicles (and you're being silly).

Vehicle Jumps
The rules for Jumping vehicles are as per the Arena Book Special Rules (p16), to which these rules are a suggested amendment, offering a little more detail for different vehicle sizes and the distance they can travel.

1. Bikes will travel 20 feet/10MPH they are traveling over 20 MPH.
2. Vehicles larger than 'Luxury' cars will be reduced to 10 feet/10 MPH they are traveling over 20 MPH.
3. Vehicles bigger than Vans will be reduced to 5 feet/10 MPH they are traveling over 20 MPH.

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