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Heresy: Kingdom Come - Introduction

Nanael by Rick Berry

'Heresy: Kingdom Come' was a collectible card game released back in 1995 by Last Unicorn Games - probably better known for their Dune CCG which was a bigger hit. Out of all the card games that have come and gone over the years, to my mind at least 'Heresy' had one of the most original and interesting conceptual backgrounds. And it looked fabulous.

The setting is a post-cataclysmic cyber-punk world, where the cataclysm was metaphysical in origin, but with massive repercussions on the physical plane.

Players represent those powerful spiritual beings trapped on earth by events beyond their control or understanding, their aim being to gather enough spiritual energy to escape the mortal bounds of a Forsaken Earth.
City of Metal by Barclay Shaw

A radical christian scientist named Dimeon Wu had a theory that there was only a thin boundary between the extensive virtual reality structure established; the dreaming or sub-conscious state of the human mind and the spiritual realm or concept of 'heaven' . Exploring this boundary in a trance-like state induced through the use of occult cybermystic technology and drugs, he unwittingly pierced it and brought about its unraveling. This had cataclysmic consequences, shattering the world in what came to be known as "the Ruin". The least of these effects was the boundaries between the 'real' and virtual blurred and constructs and AI's in the net became flesh. Not only this, but fictitious and historical characters have also became embodied as well. Although the mechanism for this prcess remains unclear, it is most likely through a similar blurring of boundaries as the digital realm continues to unravel. Technology and mysticism have become entwined, unleashing a new Dark Age of fear and foreboding in the midst of bright modernity.
Sammael by Brom

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Pushing from the other side of the Veil (the boundary), the Hosts of Pandemonium - those Angels that initially fell from grace in the One City- broke through from their metaphysical realm of 'Hell'. Speculation is that Wu was tricked by members of the Infernal Host into precipitating events for exactly this purpose. But with the collapse of these boundaries, divine and celestial Empyrean also fell and the Celestial Host - the Angels of Heaven - awoke disorientated and confused, trapped on Earth. Where or what has happened to Metatron (God), no one knows. The once Celestial Hosts lose faith and turn to desperate measures to seek direction, unaccustomed as they are to their new found free-will; or lash out in their confusion, acting upon old resentments against humanity and blaming them for their current predicament. The once damned Infernal Hosts are perhaps more accustomed to their new life and better able to acclimatise, understanding the nature of humankind more and perhaps seeking redemption.
Excaliber MegaTrust by Matt Sturm

Earth has become a strange and frightening place indeed, a 'Forsaken Earth'. Demons and Angels walk abroad, contesting with each other over the remains of broken nations in an attempt to control governments, corporations and crime syndicates the world over. Humans are split into fractious groups, confining themselves to their cliques and conclaves, trying to survive in a fragmented society existing in isolated arcologies, and metroplexes. And virtual reality, the 'Matrix', has taken on a grim new persona of its own. No longer a realm of mans preserve, dark things haunt the data highways and beings step forth from it into the harsh light of day that should have come to exist beyond the boundaries of a twisted and inhuman imagination.
Michael Chief of Archangels by Brom

The aim is to re-ascend. In order to accomplish this, sufficient technological resources and spiritual energy must be accumulated to open a Gateway. This is accomplished through defeating ones foes, storing the spiritual energy gained in the Matrix until such time as enough has been accumulated. Of course, such a 'commodity' is a magnet for the predations of others and must be protected at all times.

And there is another, darker way to 'win'. By bringing on the final Apocalypse and Judgment - though the nature of this may vary, depending on who gets to judge.

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Project Demiurge

Information carefully garnered from the four corners of the web on the first and long lost expansion for Heresy: Kingdom Come.


Fallen Angels - Heresy Logo by Michael W. Kaluta and Rick Berry

A wealth of superlative artists helped to illustrate Heresy, making it one of the most striking CCG's ever seen. From the otherworldly images of Berry's and Kaluta's Angels to the grittiness of Bradstreet's Heathens, the art seemed to suit the cards so well and, along with their long, tarot format, help emphasise the games unique background.
The card art seen on this page, along with a lot more like it, can be found at the following sites relevant to each artist:
Rick Berry - Graphic Designer for Heresy: Kingdom Come.
Tim Bradstreet
Michael W. Kaluta
Barclay Shaw
Matt Sturm - No current web site available


For a full listing of all artists, along with a host of other information, check out the superb Babylon Skyhook Metroplex.

More than just a card listing, more even than a card database, the Sendai Bubble is a labour of love . All the cards, listed by whatever parameter you want, from Title to Artist and everything in between, its THE Heresy resource.

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