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The Uruk-Balt army list is for those orc and goblin tribes living in and around the extensive swamps and marshes of the hot south lands. An uneasy truce can be arranged between the various Swamp Orc and Forest Goblin tribes, making for a much larger and more formidable fighting force, either to raid a neighbour or repulse an adversary.

The Uruk-Balt forces owe little allegiance to the Great Orc Clans of the north. They are far removed from them and have been so for many generations. However, much like the relationship between orcs and goblins, which no scholar truly understands, tyranny, fear and oppression seem almost to be a necessary requirement for a well developed orc mentality. The Swamp Orcs therefore still have some innate fear and awe of the Great Orcs, almost an ingrained genetic memory. Luckily for them, the Great Orc clans view them with some disdain, seeing them as barbarous at best, animals at worse. However, this does not mean that the Great Orc clans are above calling upon the formidable fighting prowess of Uruk-Balt forces if the need is great. The Uruk-Balt Tribal Leaders may mutter resentment and protest at this, but they invariably comply. There is little love lost between the Lesser, Hill Orcs, and the Swamp Orcs though, and such mixed forces need a very firm hand from the War Chief and Battle Leaders if they are not to degenerate into the chaos of open feud and bloodshed.

Eastwards from the Swamplands lie the Nubian plains, and they are plagued by Uruk-Balt raids, killing and burning for what almost appears to be a wanton love of bloodshed and destruction. Although they attempt to patrol the shifting borders of the Swamplands, they have as yet dared not risk a venture into its heart to tackle their antagonists in their lair.

To the south lie the Temples of the Lizardmen and their Frogling allies, some of latter sharing the southern borders of the Swampland with the Uruk-Balt tribes. While there is no real alliance here, there is a wary respect on both sides. Minor clashes are not uncommon, but usually this amounts to little more than inter-Tribal feuding. And the 2 have been known to march together to war before now, unifying against a common threat to the Southlands.


The Uruk-Balt, or Swamp Orcs, themselves are large, savage and brutal, even by orcish standards. They are a fragmented and fiercely tribal people where internecine rivalry permeates their nature as part of the fight for survival. Cannibalism is common, although the larger Swamp Orcs prefer the smaller and more succulent Forest Goblins that live in the jungle and mangroves at the edge of the swamp. Some of the Swamp Orc tribes have even gone so far as to keep captive Forest Goblin 'herds' especially for eating - and in times of war, which is often, will force these unfortunates to fight for them as well. Perhaps the most frightening thing about the Swamp Orcs is that, unlike other orcs, they are not cowed by the sun. This is a consequence of their environment, for the Swamp Orcs have taken to smearing their bodies in thick layers of the stinking mud and ooze that makes up their homeland. This 'Mystical Mud' seems to protect them from the sunlight, and over the generations they have gradually become used to going abroad about their business during the day as much as the night.

Units of Swamp Orcs are a frightening sight to behold, the 'Mystical Mud' coating their bodies applied in garish patterns of black, brown , red, white and orange. Fortunately however, they wear little or no armour. To them , the 'Mystical Mud' is all the protection they need, and to wear anything else suggests some kind of fear of getting hurt, or cowardice. However, it is also again probably a consequence of their environment as any leather, wood or metal will quickly corrode and rot in the humid environment of the Swamplands.

Recently, the Swamp Orcs have learnt form their northern cousins and have started to capture and train the giant pecaris that also call the swamp home. These creatures are even more irascible than their northern boar counterparts, more than matching their rider's ferocious temperament. Something the Nubians have certainly begun to learn to their cost as mounted Uruk-Balt raids on their villages range ever further into their homeland.


The Uruk-Dru-Ul, or Forest Goblins, are rarely seen. Even when they attack, the first that will be known of their presence is usually a poisoned arrow in the back fired from the undergrowth. They are at one with their jungle home, matched only by the pygmies for stealth and jungle lore, the 2 being deadly rivals. Although the Forest Goblins exist in an autonomous tribal society, they still have ties to the Swamp Orcs. Philosophers speculate that it is just an intrinsic part of Goblin nature to require the tyranny of Orcs in order to validate their existence. Despite the high risk of being eaten in this case. Small units of Forest Goblins will often accompany Swamp Orc raiding parties, acting as scouts and offering missile support.

Forest Goblins are small, even by normal goblin standards. They wear little in the way of armour, preferring to rely on stealth, guile and their forest skills instead. Their most useful talent is a limited ability to train and ride the monstrous giant spiders that live in the deep jungle, whilst their shaman have been known to ride the giant mosquito like hummerhorns found in the Swamplands; frightening creatures with a malign intelligence whose sting can pierce even the sturdiest mail.

Monsters of the Swamplands

The swamps of the south are rife with a plethora of dangerous creatures. As well as the usual gamut of wild life: from crocodiles of immense size and age to poisonous snakes and giant constrictors, there are those creatures that the Uruk-Balt have coerced, bullied or trained to fight along side them. The huge boar-like peccaries and giant mosquito-like hummerhorns have already been mentioned, as well as the malign giant spiders of the jungle. But there are others, even more terrifying than these.

Krokadogs are some sort of mutant crossbreed. Bigger and more squat than a crocodile, they are equally at home in the water or on land and can be readily trained as the most viscous of 'pets'. They are unsurpassed trackers through the Swamplands and the Uruk-Balt often use them for hunting.

Perhaps the most frightening of the natural denizens are the huge Olog-Balt or Swamp Trolls. Larger than the hill variety, bulkier than the mountain trolls and incredibly difficult to kill, they are unmatched for shear bad-tempered ferocity. Their only weakness is, like most of their brethren, they can be out-witted fairly easily. Fortunately, they are also very rare. Favoured indeed is the orc tribe that can count one amoungst its allies. Favoured that is until it turns on them.

The strangest and deadliest creatures of the Swamplands are the demons that lurk there, the Dy-Dagul. There are some, the Uruk-Balt shamans amoungst them, that say that the Swampland itself has an old and malign intelligence that pervades and permeates the land. The Dy-Dagul are a manifestation of this, being the land itself incarnate. They are something like elementals, but more than this. Their very substance seems to comprise of corruption, decay and disease; from the smallest of their kind less than knee high up to the great, bloated monstrosities occasionally seen. As far as is known, the Dy-Dagul are never encountered naturally but must be summoned forth from the swamp. However, whether the magical energy employed summons them into existence, or just calls them forth from some dark and hidden recess of the land, no one knows. Whichever it is, they are powerful and dangerous allies.

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