Uruk-Balt (Swamp Orcs) Army List

[ Background

[ General Rules


[ The army or contingent must be led by a Uruk-Balt Warchief if Uruk-Balt troops are fielded.
[ Uruk-Dru-Ul troops may not be worth more than the points of Uruk-Balt troops, if in the same Command.
[ Uruk-Dru-Ul RaF troops may not be worth more than the points of Uruk-Balt RaF troops overall, if both are fielded.
[ Uruk-Dru-Ul troops in a Command on their own must be led by an Uruk-Dru-Ul Battle-Leader.
[ Uruk-Dru-Ul Individuals may not be fielded unless Uruk-Dru-Ul troops are fielded.
[ All troops from the Uruk-Balt army list treat hits from War Engines as though from a creature with a TCR of +1, +2 for Exotic War Engines.
[ Uruk-Balt armies suffer from Animosity as noted.
[ All Uruk-Balt army list troops are Living, except where noted otherwise.


[ Uruk-Balt armies may be of an 'Evil,' Chaotic' or 'Neutral' alignment.
[ An army of Uruk-Balt may spend upto half their points on Uruk-Hai Allies.
[ Uruk-Balt armies may have an allied command with the usual points restrictions from the army lists of:
[ Chaos, Deathless, Froglings, Saurians, Tribal Kingdoms, Vermen.
[ Uruk-Balt armies can have up to one of each Talisman, costing 100 points each, bought from the points designated for Individuals.
[ In multi-player games, Uruk-Balt may side with other 'Evil,' 'Chaotic' or Neutral armies.


[ Uruk-Balt armies may have Magic Users with maximum Mastery in the following spell classes:
[ Elemental, Magic Maximum mastery D8.
[ Battle Magic, Maximum mastery D8.
[ Dark Magic, Maximum mastery D8.
[ Necromancy, Maximum mastery D6.
[ Uruk-Balt army Magic Users may not have Mastery in Necromantic Magic or Dark Magic if they have Mastery in Elemental Magic.
[ Uruk-Balt armies may not have Magic Users with Mastery in the following spell classes:
[ Celestial Magic.

[ Rank and File

[ War Beasts

[ Monstrous

[ Individuals

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