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Twilight Creations Inc.
'Zombies!!!' is a superb little board game from Journeyman Press. Players take try to escape from a city, randomly generated each game by the placement of map tiles, over-run by the walking dead. Rules are simple and straight-forward, making for a game that perfectly captures the frantic pace and relentlessness of Romero's B movie classics, as well as the tongue in cheek fun and mayhem of Raimi's 'Evil Dead'. If you havn't got it already, buy it now.

The sad news is that, despite releasing such an excellent game, Journey Man Press have gone belly up.
But the Good news is Zombies!!! has indeed risen from the grave. Creator Todd Breitenstein and his wife Kerry have set up a new company, 'Twilight Ceations Inc'. You can find out all about their plans for forthcoming Zombies!!! expansions and other projects such as their "Variable Tile SystemTM" games here.

Optional Rules for Zombies!!!

"Where in Hell Are We?"
"Just a Minute"
"Its Only A Flesh Wound"
"Come to Papa"
"Its Zombie a Go-Go Out There"
"Duck 'n' Weave Son"
"Where in Hell Did They Come From?"
"In Here, Quick!"
"Eat Them, Not Me!"
"You Wanna Trade?"
"What's This?"
"It Takes One Bite To Be The Same . . ."
"Fahsands Ov Em"
"Last Man Standing"
"Catch As Catch Can"
Character Traits

Steve from Dawn of the Dead

If you'd like a copy of these rules in Word format then you can download them HERE.

Print out page 2 on the back of page 1 and page 4 on the back of page 3. Put the 2 pages together, fold in half and staple in the middle and there you have it, your very own Zombies!!! Optional Rules Supplement that'll fit right in the box.


"Where in Hell Are We?"

I'm of the opinion that not only should players not know where the Helipad is, they should also not know when its going to be found. As it goes, the Helipad is always the last map tile to be placed, so players know exactly which one it will be and how long they have to hold out. Let's change all that.

Take all the Map tiles except the Town Square and the Helipad and shuffle them. Place them face down and split into 2 even piles. Put the Helipad tile into one of the piles and reshuffle that pile only, then place it underneath the other pile of tiles.

The Helipad will now appear at some point after half the tiles have been played, but no-one knows quite when. This also means that it is no good players waiting for certain named buildings to turn up so they can play an appropriate Event card, because that may not happen until after the Helipad has been played.

Once the Helipad has been played, place it as normal. Remaining map tiles are then drawn and played as normal in subsequent players turns - except now players will probably be looking to try and bend roads round to take them closer to the Helipad final destination. This option will also tend to shorten the length of playing time.
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"Just a Minute"

Movement is all about time and the longer a player spends fighting Zombies the less time they have to run around the city looking for the helicopter and escape. Therefore, whenever a player is forced to fight for more than 1 round of in any one square they lose 1 point of movement for that turn for each extra round of fighting.

Eg Ted rolls a 4 for movement. He races through the city moving 2 squares and in the third encounters a Deader. He tries to force his way past the Zombie but rolls a 2 for Combat. As he only has one Bullet left he loses a Life token and must fight the creature again. He therefore also loses his last point of Movement he had hadn't yet used.
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"Its Only A Flesh Wound"

When a player has only 2 Life tokens left they must deduct 1 from every Movement roll they make.

When a player has only 1 Life token left, they must halve all their Movement rolls - round down.
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"Come to Papa"

As well as fighting Zombies that they encounter, players that have the ammo may also try to shoot zombies at long range, blowing there heads off before they can get within biting distance.

Any player with 1 or more Bullet tokens can shoot at a Zombie to which they have line of sight that is on a street square (is not hidden round a corner). The Zombie must not be more than 6 squares away and no closer than in an adjacent square.

Roll 1 die for the Shooting roll. Compare the value rolled with the distance from the player to the Zombie to see if it has been killed: Killed on a dice score of:
Distance to Target: Zombie Player
Adjacent Square
2 to 3 squares
3 to 6 squares
Shooting always uses 1 Bullet token. A player cannot Shoot if they do not have any Bullet tokens. Using extra Bullet tokens does not modify the roll as it does for Combat, but no Life tokens are lost if the shot misses - there is simply no effect apart from a wasted Bullet.

Shooting also uses 1 point of Movement for each shot fired as for extra Combat listed under the 'Wait a Minute' rules. You may like to allow a player an extra +1 on a Shooting roll if they use up an extra Movement point (taking careful aim).

Any action card ability that is related to a Gun may also be applied to Shooting. Eg. Hey Look. . . A Shotgun! Would add +1 to the next 3 Combat or Shooting rolls.
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"Its Zombie a Go-Go Out There"

Only ever one Zombie per square ya say? Pah! That's fer puffs. You can have up to 3 Zombies in any one square at any time (I'd say more, but lets be sensible, you'll have to start stacking them up if its more).

When a player moves into a square containing 1 or more Zombies they make Combat rolls (or their equivalent, such as Dodge rolls) equal to the number of Zombies in that square and resolves all rolls as normal.

Eg. Ted tries to bull through a couple of Zombies in his way. He elects to Duck 'n' Weave, because he only has 2 Bullets left. He rolls 2 Dodge rolls getting a 2 and a 4, so he has got past one of the suckers, but the other one has him in its vice like grip, so he loses a Life token and is also caught. Now he'll have to fight them both to get away ( and he also loses a Movement point for this round - see 'Just a Minute'). He decides not to try and Duck 'n' Weave again, but elects to blast his way out. He makes 2 Combat rolls and gets 2 and 3 this time. He uses a Bullet token to make the 3 into a 4, and blows one of the Rotters into meaty chunks. But there is still 1 Zombie left (there was no point him using his other Bullet token as he could only make the 2 into a 3 and so it would still be a fail) and he must fight again, losing another Life token for the failed Combat and another Movement point for the next round of fighting in the same square that he will now have to make. He only has 1 Movement left and so decides to Dodge & Weave again. This time he rolls a 6 and slips out of the clasp of the remaining Zombie.
>Bact to the Optional Rules

"Duck 'n' Weave Son"

Players may attempt to run, dodge and sneak through squares containing Zombies without actually fighting them, evading their clumsy attacks. This can save valuable time and Bullets, but is risky if you get caught.

To Duck 'n' Weave a player declares their intent to do so before making any combat roll. They then make a Dodge roll, which is the same as a Combat roll in that a value of 4-6 is a success. In this case, the Zombie is not slain but is left where it is and the players pawn is immediately moved from that square to any adjacent, using another Movement point. However, if the Dodge roll is a fail then the player immediately loses a Life token and must either fight a round of Combat or Duck 'n' Weave again against that Zombie. The Dodge roll cannot be modified through the use of Bullets, its all down to dexterity. A player cannot Duck 'n' Weave through a square if they have insufficient Movement points left for the round to carry them through to the next square. A player may Duck 'n' Weave instead of Combat at any time, as long as their movement allowance permits.

Ducking 'n' Weaving through a square means you cannot pick up any tokens in it.
>Bact to the Optional Rules

"Where in Hell Did They Come From?"

As it stands, players always know how many Zombies are waiting for them in buildings. Uncl says "Way too easy!"

Whenever a player enters a named building they roll one dice. If the value rolled is less than or equal to the 'Z' number for the building then 'Surprise' - out jump a few more Deadites. The player who had the preceding turn gets to place an extra number of Zombies - 1 extra Zombie if the value was equal to or less than the 'Z' value; 2 extra zombies if the value rolled was half the 'Z' value and 3 extra Zombies if the value rolled was a quarter or less of the 'Z' value. Oh yeah, this makes the Hospital and the Helipad really bad places to go - roll for the Helipad only when a player enters the Helicopter itself. This cannot take off whilst there are any Zombies in it.

Make this roll every time a player enters a building where there are no other players currently inside.

You can also use this rule if you allow players to move into unnamed buildings (see 'In Here, Quick!'). Roll a D6, if the result is 2 then put 1 Zombie in the building; if the result is 1 then put up to 1D3 Zombies (up to the maximum allowable) in the building.
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Zombie from Return of the Living Dead

"In Here, Quick!"

I don't see any reason not to allow players to enter the unnamed buildings. They can only do so from squares where there is a door, but these can clearly be seen Doorways that cross 2 squares (eg. 'U.S.P.C. Theatre 6') can be entered from both squares and buildings with doors on a corner can only be entered from, and excited to, the square diagonally opposite to the door. This allows players a place to dodge into and hole up.

Recommended that you also use "Where in Hell Did They Come From?" and "What's This?" as well.
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"Eat Them, Not Me!"

It would be unsporting to gun down a fellow player, wouldn't it? I mean, just because he's got a load of Bullets. Nope! A player may attack another player, either in Combat or Shooting. This is exactly the same as fighting Zombies, but all the target numbers for success are raised by 1 - players are just a little smarter and quicker than Zombies (only a little though). Players may Shoot at other players, the same as they may Shoot at Zombies during their turn, at an increased value for success.

Anytime a player's movement takes them into the same square as another player, they may decide to attack that player. They may only do this if there are no Zombies in the square. They get a sneak attack and fight a round of Combat as normal, but a success is given only on a 5 or 6and if they fail then they do not lose a Life token. If a player decides to attack another player a second time in the same round, then both players make Combat rolls, using the same increased values for success, and apply the results as appropriate. However, players do not have to carry on fighting, they may decide to run off and move into another square, providing they have sufficient movement left. When a player moves out of a square, any player in the square being moved from may attack them as they move, even if it is not their turn. They make a normal combat roll at the increased value for success as above, and do not lose a Life token if they fail. If they succeed, the moving player loses a Life token, but still gets to move.

If a player suspects that another player in a square they are about to move into is going to attack them, then they may Duck 'n' Weave when they enter that square. If successful, at an increased value of 5 or 6, then they immediately move into any adjacent square and cannot be attacked by the other player. If they fail then the other player may attack them if they wish, exactly as if the moving player is moving out of the square, as detailed above.

When a player is killed any Bullet tokens they had are placed in the square they died in. If another player is in the same square when a player is killed then they may swap one of their own action cards for one of the dead player's action cards. Where there are 2 or more players, the player whose turn it would be next gets first choice.

Eg Ted moves into the same square as Shiela. She's only got one Life token left and Ted knows she just drew 'The Keys Are Still In It!', because she was foolish enough to show him. Whilst she's eyeing up her get away vehicle, Ted decides to smack her over the head and take the car for himself. He rolls the Combat dice and scores a 3. This is not enough and Sheila is wise to the blow and manages to roll aside. Ted decides to follow it up, he wants that car. He loses a movement point for the extra Combat. Sheila is onto him now though, so both players make Combat rolls. Ted rolls a 4 this time. Normally, this would be enough, but because he is fighting another player he needs a 5 or 6. Sheila rolls a 6 and whacks Ted good so he loses a Life Token and is down to his last one. He really needs that vehicle now. He decides to use his final Bullet making his 4 into a 5 and blows Sheila away. He takes her 'The Keys Are Still In It!' card and discards one of his own. The other players have got his number now though.
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"You Wanna Trade?"

Players in the same Square may trade Bullet tokens, Life tokens and/or Action cards. Rates of exchange are up to the players.
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"What's This?"

A player inside a building may search the building to look for supplies. Instead of making a Movement roll, they make a Search roll. The value of the Search roll determines what they find:
Value: Find:
Zombie - fight it out
A Bullet Token
As 4 or Draw and Discard an Action card
As 5 or a Life Token
Each Player may only make a Search roll once in any building square. A player can only make a Search Roll if there are no Zombies present in that square.
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"It Takes One Bite To Be The Same . . ."

'. . .they're not dead, they live again.' (- 'Zombie, Creeping Flesh' - Peter and the Test Tube Babies). Like the man says. So at the very least replace a player's pawn with a Zombie when they die (you may wish to forgo this if the player is slain by another player, rather than by a Zombie). Remove the players pawn and replace it with a Zombie on their next turn (this gives other players in the same square a chance to get away, before being eaten by their ex mate).

If you are playing "Catch As Catch Can", then rather than removing dead players completely from the game, allow them to play on as the new minions of King Zombie. As such, they continue to function much as a player, but now their goal is to kill the other players. Being shambling Undead, they also:
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"Fahsands Ov Em"

Never run out of Zombies, it wouldn't be right. Each player just keeps a record of how many they have killed and all dead undead (redead?) go back in the box ready to pop out again.

This means you can play the game with higher Zombie kill totals being required to win, or try "Catch As Catch Can" or "Last Man Standing" games.
>Bact to the Optional Rules

"Last Man Standing"

There is no way out. There is no escape. It's all about 'survival of the baddest'. In this game, exclude the Helipad (or include but as just another map tile). Last player left alive is the winner.

As this is likely to be a little more 'competitive' you may want to lay out 9 map tiles in a square to start (with or without accompanying Zombies - up to you, we prefer 'with'). Players then place their pawns, one at a time, in any square. Alternatively, start as normal but give a few rounds amnesty during which no player is allowed to attack another (3 - 4 should be ample, but it depends on the number of players).

"Fahsands Ov Em" is also ideal for this game, as are "It Takes One Bite To Be The Same . . .". You may like to declare the winner as the player that killed the most Zombies whilst alive. Killing a zombified ex-player can be worth extra points (3) and players get a bonus number of points depending on when they are killed. Eg. For a 6 player game the last player left alive gets 10 extra points; the 2nd-to-last 8 extra points; the 3rd to last 6 extra points; etc.
>Bact to the Optional Rules

"Catch As Catch Can"

This is a little variation on the game based on one of my favourite comics of yesteryear (circa mid-1980s), 'DeadWorld' by Vincente Locke.

One of the players is the King Zombie - they get the black pawn. This is one bad ass dude that is in charge of all the other zombies. In all other ways they are treated as a player. The aim of the other players is to hunt this guy down and kill him. The aim of the King Zombie is to kill off all the other players. In this game, once a player is dead they are gone for good.

The game begins as normal, but the King Zombie pawn is not placed on the map and does not get a full turn until at least 9 map tiles have been placed. The King Zombie pawn is then placed anywhere on the map and takes the last turn each round.

At the end of every players turn it is the King Zombie player that rolls to move Zombies and who actually moves them. The King Zombie player is also the one who places each map tile down, wherever they want in any legal space.

You can play "Catch As Catch Can" and include the Helipad and an escape option as well if you wish. In this instance it is the King Zombie's role to prevent the players escaping. A variation on this is where one of the other players is nominated as 'The Target', in secret from the King Zombie player (just write the colour of The Target's pawn on a piece of paper and put it in the bottom of the box to be revealed when The Target is slain or escapes. You can call them 'Deake' if you like). It is then the King Zombie's goal to kill The Target, and the player's role as a team to ensure that The Target escapes.

With multiple players it is possible to include more than 1 King Zombie and have the 2 sides play as a team. In this case, the King Zombie players should take their turns equally spaced apart from each other as much as possible - so for 6 players and 2 King Zombies, the King Zombies would take their turns at positions 3 and 6, alternating which of them moved Zombies and placed map tiles each turn.
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Mother from Evil Dead

Character Traits

Instead of just all being the same boring old Joe Shmo, players may decide to have a few Traits to help them on the way throughout the game. Schticks are those Traits that help a player, Flaws hinder. If a player wishes to choose a Schtick then they must also have a Flaw. These are then applied throughout the game. Usually, players may have only 1 Schtick and 1 Flaw, unless you decide otherwise.

Any player that wants a Schtick writes down what it will be on a piece of paper in secret. The player opposite them then names a Flaw for that player. The player then reveals their Schtick and both are then applied for the rest of the game.


Adds 1 to all Movement rolls.
Adds 1 to all Combat rolls.
Adds 1 to all Dodge Rolls for the first Dodge roll in a square only.
Adds 1 to all Shooting rolls.
Starts with 1 extra Life Token and can have a total of 6 Life Tokens maximum.
Tough + Puny = 4 Life tokens to start, Maximum 5.
Every Bullet token used to modify a Combat roll adds 2 instead of 1.
Can add 1 to all Search rolls. However, a roll of 1 cannot be modified.
Can also take 1 Bullet token from any player that has one that is in the same square as them, once every turn.
Sixth Sense
May make the roll as under "Where in Hell Did They Come From?" for extra Zombies and have the Zombies placed before moving their pawn when adjacent to a building.
Arcane Lore
The player may re-roll their dice to see how many Zombies they get to move at the end of any of their turns.


Subtracts 1 from all Movement rolls.
Subtracts 1 from all Combat rolls.
Subtracts 1 from all Dodge rolls.
Subtracts 1 from all Shooting rolls.
Can only ever have a maximum of 4 Life tokens.
Tough + Puny = 4 Life tokens to start, Maximum 5.
Trigger Happy
Must always use 2 Bullet tokens instead of only 1, if possible, when raising any Combat roll value.
Subtracts 1 from all Search Rolls. 1 is the minimum.
Cannot move into a square that knowingly contains more than 1 Zombie. This may be ignored when moving into a building.
Trouble Magnet
Any zombies moved by this player at the end of their turn must be moved in a direction that makes them closer to the players own pawn.

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