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Modified One-Roll Crashes

Overall, if there is one thing that I find most dissatisfactory with Car Wars, it is the rolls for Control and Crashes. Because a separate roll is made for the crash after the handling roll has been made, it is often the case that drivers that fail majorly for the handling roll, getting well over the target number, can get off with only a trivial skid if they roll low on the crash table. And the reverse is also true.
Yer old UnclEvl has therefore painstakingly devised a cunning system that does away with 2 rolls, giving you his patented 'One-Roll Crashes'. With this system, you only roll for handling against a target number, and the worse you fail that roll the worse you lose control and crash the vehicle. This also has the advantage of speeding up play as you are replacing what was 2 rolls by 1 roll.

One-Roll Crashes

Whenever you have to make a roll on the Control Table, cross-index your vehicles speed and current handling status on the Control table below.
Roll 2 dice and add the result.

If your total is equal to or greater than the target number given after any modifications, then you have successfully maintained control of the vehicle.

If your total is less than the target number given after any modifications, then you have not maintained control of the vehicle. The difference between the final value you obtained for the control roll and the target number as given by the cross referencing of the vehicles speed and current handling status, indicates the type of crash result that has occurred. Use this value to look up on the appropriate Modified Crash Table: 1 or 2.

If you roll double 1('snake eyes') then do not modify the roll. Your result is 2 and you have automatically failed to maintain control of the vehicle. The result on the appropriate modified crash table will be the difference between the target number and 2.

If you roll double 6 then do not modify the roll - you have automatically managed to control the vehicle, no matter what the target number was.

If the target number on the Modified Control Table is -1, -2 etc, then the target number is still 12 but your roll is modified further by the value given.

Modified Control Table

Modified Control Table

Modified Crash Table 1

Modified Crash Table 1

Modified Crash Table 2

Modified Crash Table 2

Note: Whilst the probabilities for crash results at set speeds and handling status have been strenuously calculated, these results have yet to be rigorously play tested. Therefore, if you find that some target values in the Modified Control Table are a little too high or low, or results from the Modified Crash Tables are a little too lenient or harsh, then don't be afraid to change them. Any feedback is of course welcomed.

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