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Fairy Meat Alternative Rules

'Fairy Meat' is the bloodthirsty skirmish game from Kenzer and Co involving combat between gangs of cannibalistic fairies - the aim being simply to kill and eat as many of your opponents fairies as possible. For a more detailed review of the game, and the first expansion involving Guns & Gnomes, 'Clockwork Stomp,' visit the reviews section here at FU-UK. The Colonel has also reviewed some of the miniatures available for this game which can also be found here. But yes, its as much fun as it sounds, being a fast paced beer & pretzels free for all.

Whilst the game as it stands is fun to play with simple and easily understandable mechanics, I couldn't help thinking that with a little judicious tweaking it could be improved. In my opinion, the main problem with the game comes from it's combat mechanics. When all things are said and done, they basically boil down to 'highest card wins'. Most of the players combat decisions revolve around whether to lose points from a fairy's Kill or Live points.

So what I propose here is mainly an alteration to the combat process where players have to make decisions about what cards to play from those they have drawn to gain the most benefit. I don't think this complicates the process overly and still leaves a lot down to chance, luck and the whim of the Fairy Deck. But it should provide an added element to game play, allowing players the opportunity to try and bluff and second-guess their opponents. I've also thrown in a few other odds and sods, mainly combat orientated, to add a bit of spice.

  1. Decks, Discards and Damage Decks, Discards & Damage
  2. Alternative Combat Rules Combat

If you'd like a copy of these rules in Word format then you can download them here.

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