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UnclEvl's Fairy Meat Alternative Rules:


This is the nuts and bolts of the new proposed combat system. This gives greater control and decision making to the player during combat, basically introducing the concept that not always highest card value wins.
  1. The Fairy whose turn it is is deemed to be the Attacking Fairy. The Fairy (or Fairies) they are attacking is the Defending Fairy (or Fairies).
  2. The Attacking Fairy draws a number of cards equal to their current Kill Points, applying the usual modifiers for weapon etc. and getting the usual 1 extra card for being the Attacking Fairy. This is their Combat Hand. After looking at their cards, the player must state at this point whether they will add or subtract Trump cards from the value cards played - this will be the same for each and every Trump card played for this combat.
  3. The Defending Fairy draws a number of cards equal to their current Live Points (or Kill Points if Wrestling), applying any modifiers as usual. This is their Combat Hand. After looking at their cards, the player must state at this point whether they will add or subtract Trump cards from the value cards played - this will be the same for each and every Trump card played for this combat.
  4. It is now the Attacking Fairies first attack. Simultaneously, the Attacking and Defending Fairy select a number of Trump cards from their Combat Hand that they wish to use. Trump cards selected by each fairy from their Combat Hand must be of the same colour. Each player places these cards face down on the table and then reveals them to the other simultaneously. If a player has not drawn any Trump cards, or does not wish to use any at this time then they simply state 'None'. In this case, their opponent does not have to turn over and reveal their own Trump cards played, but leaves them face down.
  5. Each player now selects one Numbered card and places it face down on their respective Trump cards. They are then turned over and revealed to the other simultaneously.
    Hardcore Fairy
  6. The outcome is determined by the difference in overall value between the winner and loser:
  7. If the Attacking fairy is the winner then they cause 1 point of damage against the Defending fairy for every point scored - apply this immediately.
    If you would rather use the damage levels as indicated on p.11 of the Fairy Meat Rulebook, then use a modified version. Compare only the difference between the overall values without halving, where the following damage is inflicted on the losing Defending fairy:
    • 1 point if the difference is 4 or less;
    • 2 points if the difference is 8 or less;
    • 3 points if the difference is 9 or more.
  8. If the Defending Fairy is the winner then they gain 1 extra card for each point scored when it is their turn to attack back this turn. . If they have already had their turn this round then there is no effect. This bonus cannot be applied to attacks against any other foes and these extra cards can only be used when fighting the same fairy. Alternatively, if the Defending fairy is facing multiple attacks from the Attacking Fairy, then they may apply all (or none) of the points scored to the next Numbered Card as if it were a number of Trumps. If they choose this option they may decide whether to apply the points after Numbered cards have been revealed; but they must state their desire to utilise this option when the points are gained. They may only be used in this way against the next attack.
  9. Once the attack has been resolved all associated cards played so far are removed to the Spoils Heap discard pile (See 'Decks, Discards and Damage - Spoils Heap').
  10. Repeat from step 4 if multiple attacks are being made. Note that each fairy only draws one Combat Hand from which cards for all attacks and defense must be played, with the following exceptions:

This method is used in exactly the same way for Wrestling fairies, except only their Kill points are used to draw cards. The Attacking fairy is still deemed as being the one whose turn it is, but the outcome is always that the winner inflicts damage on the loser. The only time this is not the case is if the winner decides to forgo dealing out some pain in order to escape the brawl. In the event of a draw, both fairies involved still receive a point of damage each.

Tactical Considerations.

With this combat system, there is then an advantage in attacking both first or last.
A fairy that attacks first has the opportunity to try and kill her opponent before they can attack back. But a fairy that attacks second has the chance to significantly increase the cards available for her own attack, if she survives.
There are also various options when playing attacking and defending hands.
Choosing to add or subtract Trump Cards to produce either as high or low a hand as possible will give maximum benefit if a fairy guesses right as to the colour of her opponent's Numbered card. Going for an extreme value will then give maximum results and a lot of damage. But this is dangerous, because if a Fairy guesses wrong and her opponent has a value card of the unexpected colour, then it can lead to disaster.
The safe option therefore is to use the Trump cards to try and bring card values back around the median value of 5 or 6, so that if a Fairy has guessed wrong with color the points scored by the opponent are minimised.

A player can obviously take most risk when they attack, since they won't take any damage if they guess the colour wrong. This is doubly true when a Fairy is attacking second, after her opponent, since even if she guesses badly wrong her opponent will gain little benefit. However, attacking second in a crucial round can be fatal. This means that having some choice about initiative card and consequently when one attacks or defends is of considerable importance.
Since the Fairy Deck is not reshuffled at the end of each round, only after it has run out, (see 'Decks, Discards and Damage - Spoils Heap') an astute player can try to keep track of which cards have been played during the course of play. This may allow them to more accurately guess whether their opponent is likely to have red or black Numbered cards.

Overall, using this combat method can be more brutal and lead to heavier damage being routinely inflicted.

Alternative Combat Rules - Example

Example If you'd like to see a worked through example for this combat method then head here.

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