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UnclEvl's Laboratory

Froth Board
Flaccid system letting you down? Why not try one of
UnclEvl's Strap-Ons
An eclectic mix of rules and paraphernalia as cooked up by UnclEvl for all his favorite games. Hopefully, this will be substantially added to as time goes by.
Role Playing Games:
Baron Munchausen
Some alternative rules for 'Wagering' in the game of tall tale telling.
Cybered Punk
Gaming ideas for futuristic games; including the cyberwhip.
Collectible Card Games:
Undead Gunslinger
Notes on the collectible card game set in the Deadlands world.
Skirmish and War Games:
Car at War
Car Wars
A few alternatives and amendments for the game of armageddon on tarmacaden.
Fairy Eater
Fairy Meat
Alternative combat mechanics and other assorted nonsense for the cannabilistic carnage fairy game.
Up Anchor
Man o' War
Set sail to the Doc's Advanced Sailing Rules for naval combat, fantasy style.
Board Games:
Spice it up with some meaty morsel chunks for the game of rampaging undead.

Top of the Page
Hello Boys and Girls,
Here's yer old pal,

For those of you that don't know him, the main thing to remember about old UnclEvl is that he's an inveterate meddler.
Lovely old UnclEvl

He can't even look at a game without he gets himself worked up into a froth frenzy about what's 'missing' from the system, or what 'doesn't work well,' and before you know it, he's off to his shed/laboratory for a week or three to tinker about with it.

What you have here then is a collection of those tinkerings, meddlings and otherwise general fiddle-faddlings UnclEvl's cooked up in that dangerously unstable brain of his. Now and again, he does have a gem of an idea. No, really, ask anyone. Except maybe that strange creature he lives with. She's unlikely to say he's ever had a decent idea, but thats another story for another day. So browse, peruse, digest and ruminate; by all means use and abuse and certainly feel free to comment, suggest and add, should the muse come upon you and a serious froth take you over.

Careful be now though, cos old UnclEvl can be an irascible old gimmer. With a tongue sharper than a fishwives filleting knife and the temper of a colour-blind bull, he's not known for his patience at the best of times, least of all when he's got a full head of froth up. You don't want to go and get him started off one on of his 'Rants' now do you.

Forthcoming Attractions
Just in is our very own Doc's shiny new Strap-On featuring some brand new and improved Advanced Sailing Rules for GW's game of nautical fantasy mayhem, Man o' War.

And there's more to come from the Docster. Multiple Town Square rules for the Doomtown CCG is rumoured to be nearing completion.

Rumour has it that, at present, Uncl is busy beavering away on some brand new rules for magic, suitable for fantasy war games. Least ways, theres been an awful lot of hammering and swearing coming from that shed of his, so it must be something big. Christ alone knows when it'll be ready.

Ask UnclEvl?
Thats right. If you've got a problem with yer favourite game, cos the rules don't work or there's just plain no way to do the things you just so badly wanna do, then drop a line, either by email or through the Froth Board to us here at 'Frothers Unite! 'The man hisself, or one of his many minions, (they're all vat-grown ya know, so need to worry about cruelty), will have a little look-see and and see if we can't suggest a way out of yer predicament.
Frothers Forums
Even if you'd just like to comment or think there's something these or any of the Frothers Unite! pages are missing out on, and/or you've got an idea for something you'd like to contribute, then send it to us and we'll do our best to post it up. It doesn't have to be polished or even in html format; if its a good idea we'll make sure it gets out there to be shared with the frother community at large.

All credit will be given to the author of course.
Froth Ideas

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