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UnclEvl's Fairy Meat Alternative Combat Rules: Example

Dizzytwig's got a Vibro-Master, and she knows how to use it. What's more she plans to use it on Sparklespaz, who's only armed with a Moon Dagger.
Dizzy has 3 Live and 4 Kill left; but Sparky's been in the wars already and has only 2 Live and 1 Kill.

Dizzy Flutters on over to Sparky and proceeds to set about him. She wants to try and use both the attacks the Vibro-Master allows her. She draws 4 cards for her 4 kill points; 1 extra card for the Vibro-Master's Attak Bonus and 1 extra card as it is her turn and she is the Attacker. However, because she Fluttered, she loses 1 card. This gives her a total of 5 cards.

Sparky draws 2 cards for his 2 Live Points. He also gets an extra card since he has not yet had his turn and still has an Order Card. However, Dizzy's Vibro-Master has a Defense Modifier of -1, so poor old Sparky is down to 2 cards and with 2 attacks to defend against.

Dizzy draws her 5 cards:
King of Spades; Queen of Clubs; 5 of Clubs; 4 of Clubs; 3 of Diamonds.
Not great as her highest value is only a 5, but she has 2 Trump cards both black.
She states she will be subtracting Trumps.
She has decided to make her main play going low on the 4. This is risky, but feels she must have the upper hand over Sparky who only has 2 cards anyway, so wants to try and get a big points win.

Sparky draws his 2 cards:
2 of Diamonds; King of Clubs.
Interesting. He has a Trump that doesn't match his Numbered card, which is the lowest possible.
Sparky declares he will add Trumps.
Though he hasn't got any that really matter, he figures he may be able to try a bluff with the Club Trump.

First Attack.

Dizzy slaps her 2 Trump cards face down and Sparky plays his 1 Trump face down.
They then reveal them together.

Dizzy notes that Sparky has played a black Trump and declared 'Add' for Trumps, so figures he is possibly going to go with a high black for a Numbered card. This is exactly what she didn't want, since she is aiming for a low, black value, and so wants Sparky to play a red colour Numbered card. Different coloured Numbered cards would then mean the lowest value would win, Knowing Sparky only had 2 cards to play with and figuring he will have tried to play the best option, she decides to change her plan.

Sparky notes with some consternation that Dizzy is probably going for low black. He will have to play the 2 of Diamonds, whatever. He knows that if Dizzy has a black numbered card of 5 or less he is going to lose, since her Trump cards will reduce the value of her Numbered card by 2 (as she elected to 'Subtract') and the fact that his own Trump is a different colour from his Numbered Card means he is going to get caught out as a Naughtly Little Cheating fairy. This will allow Dizzy to modify both her own and his Numbered card by 1, any way she likes. He therefore hopes she has fallen for his bluff in playing a black trump. If she now believes he is going to play a high black card, she may think she has to try and play a higher black card of her own to avoid being beaten by a higher card. This means he would then win with a lower Numbered card of a different value. Alternatively, she may decide to play a low red Numbered card herself, but this then means she herself would be caught out as a Naughty Little Cheating fairy, allowing Sparky to use her Trumps to try and beat her.

Sparky lays the 2 of Diamonds face down on his trump as it is all he has, whilst Dizzy decides to change her plans radically and go for the 3 of Diamonds which she lays face down on her 2 Trumps.
They reveal their numbered cards simultaneously, and each is afforded a wry smile as they realise the other is as much a Naughty Little Cheating Fairy as themselves.
Since the Numbered cards are both the same colour, highest overall value wins.

Dizzy played a 3. Since Sparky cheated she can use his Trump card to modify her own value by one and so takes it upto 4. However, since she also cheated, Sparky uses her Trumps to modify her value by 2 and takes it back down to 2.

Sparky played a 2. Since Dizzy cheated he can also use her Trumps to modify his own value and takes it upto 4. But since he also cheated, Dizzy also uses his Trump to take his value back down to 3.

The final values then are Dizzy 2, Sparky 3.

Sparky can't believe his luck, winning a highest value with a value card of 2.
The difference between their values is 1, halved is a half which rounds back up to 1.
Sparky decides to use this point in defending against Dizzys next attack (rather than for extra cards for his own attack against Dizzy, if he survives), since she has multiple attacks and the cards to use them.

If Dizzy had played the 5 of Clubs instead she would have won. Her 5 would have been modified by her 2 Trumps to make it a 3 and by Sparkys cheated Trump to make it a 2. Sparky's 2 would have also been modified by his cheating Trump to make it a 3. So Dizzy would have won since she had the lowest overall value and the Numbered cards played in this case would have been different, making lowest value the winner.
This would have given Sparky 1 damage and more importantly, left him completely without a defense against her second attack.

Dizzy kicks herself for being taken in by Sparky's bluff and mentally notes it is sometimes better to go through with the plan rather than cheat.

Second Attack.

Unfortunately, Dizzy has used up all her Trumps in the first attack, and so declares 'None'.
Sparky has his Wild Trump point won from the previous attack, and declares this to be 'black'.

Sparky surmises that Dizzy was probably going to play a low, black Numbered card last attack as she played to black trumps that were to be subtracted. This means she must still have a low black card in her hand, and it obviously seemed to be her best attack at the time. So if he can draw a black numbered card from the Fairy Deck then he wants high to try and beat her by having the highest value.
Of course he knows that she actually has 2 cards she could play and it is going to be blind luck what he gets from the Fairy Deck, but its as good a guess as any.

Dizzy realises that if Sparky draws a relatively high black card he will beat her, since she only has black cards left. She therefore decides to hedge her bets and play a median value card, the 5, to try and minimise the damage. If Sparky does pull a low red then he will also be cheating and so she will get to use his Wild Trump point.

Dizzy plays her 5 of Clubs face down.
Sparky draws a card from the Fairy deck and gets an Ace of Spades!
The death card, so someone is going to catch it bad. It also matches the colour of Sparkys Wild Trump point though, so that's good for him.
He draws another card, and this time it's the Jack of Hearts.
That's not good, because it's a red Trump card. Now Sparky has both black and red Trumps, so no matter what colour Numbered card he pulls he is going to be a Naughty Little Cheating fairy.
The third card drawn is at last a Numbered card, the 3 of Hearts.
Lower and a different colour to Dizzy's now revealed 5 of Clubs Numbered card, but not good for Sparky as that means he is caught with 2 cheating trumps.

Sparky then has a Numbered card value of 3 that is modified by his one relevant Trump (Jack of Hearts).

Unfortunately, Sparky elected to add Trumps back at the start of the combat, and this means his value is taken upto 4.
Dizzy then modifies this further for the 2 cheating Trumps (the Wild Trump point and the Ace of Spades) taking Sparky's final value to 6.

Dizzy has a Numbered card value of 5. Sparky's 2 cheating Trumps allow her to use them again to take this value down to 3.
The final values then are Sparky 6, Dizzy 3.

Since the Numbered cards were different colours, lowest overall value wins.
The difference between the values is 3, halved is 1-and-a-half which rounds up to 2.
But then there's also that nasty old Ace of Spades to add in. That's gotta smart and Sparky is down and doesn't look like he's getting up - he's going to have to pull a card for an effect on the 'Nasty Hits Table (See 'Decks, Discards and Damage - Nasty Hits').

Dizzy starts licking her lips.

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